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To get a more detailed explanation on 25 1 Up (back office set up) and a detailed explanation on the compensation plan, please see the videos below:

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Bonus Package - The 10K Traffic Blueprint

The 10k Traffic Blueprint is a online and offline guide that takes you by the hand day-by-day and shows you how to organize and drive traffic to your offer! This guide is sold separately for $119 however, it is yours FREE when you join my 25 1 Up team!

The truth is many people have not had success with prospecting and conversions for only ONE reason! Because their sponsor or upline CANNOT or WILL NOT show them how! That will NEVER happen when you join my 25 1 Up team! My team is NEVER at a shortage of leads and prospects!

The 10K Traffic Blueprint includes:

Done For You (DFY) Autoresponder Sales Funnel For 25 1 Up

High Converting Email Swipe File For 25 1 Up

High Converting Landing Page Swipe File & Email Subject Line Swipe File

60 Free Traffic Method Sources

30 Paid Traffic Sources

Facebook Ads Training

Youtube Traffic Training

Personal Rolodex Of Trusted Solo Ad Vendors

Learn Of The Pull Autoresponder (the Internet marketers secret weapon that no one will tell you about) - You will also receive my super secret, super targeted pull autoresponder traffic sources! These sources of leads can change you from failure to overnight success!

Short Term & Long Term Email Tactic - Leads to sales by just sending your email list a simple type of email. NO guru will ever share this tactic with you. This strategy will show you how to make money with your OLDER leads that have not converted! It is a back-end marketing system that will not cost you a penny and is worth its weight in gold!

Conversion Hacks - These tactics will help you close sales like hotcakes and give you an unfair advantage over other people trying to recruit. These conversion hacks are devastatingly effective.

Offline Marketing Method - Old school still works! Discover this proven method and ALL the resources and copywriting are provided!

Craigslist Lead Generation - Craigslist has become trickier over the years for lead generation. Learn the tactic I use that generates me leads daily!

Bonus Video - Learn how to make 10x, 20x, or 50x the money in the business opportunity/network marketing niche! This video will reveal secrets that will make your head spin! You will learn these little-known secrets that will make you understand why it seems the same people are making the big money over and over and how you can join them!

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In my secret Facebook group you will be able to access the "5,000 Facebook Likes In 15 Days" video for FREE!

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You will also get access to my "7 Days To Recruiting Mastery - The $10,000 In 90 Days Challenge" video course for FREE!

This course will show you how to become a recruiting machine in the business opportunity/network marketing niche!

Here Is What You Will Learn:

Module One - Domain name selection is critical for success in this niche. You must know what type of domain name works! Do not simplify or overlook this task. Watch the video and learn how to properly "launch" your name in this niche. The old way of domain selection is dead.

Module Two - Hosting seems like an easy enough task, however, you may not know the options you have. Learn about your options and find out why some Internet marketers are cleaning up just by selecting a certain "type" of hosting!

Module Three - There are two types of autoresponders. There is one that the guru's will never tell you about because it makes them bank! Learn about this autoresponder that can bring you super targeted business opportunity/network marketing prospects and, subsequently, sales at the push of a button!

Module Four - This module discusses landing pages. In the business opportunity/network marketing niche, too many people make this mistake with their landing pages and it costs them opt-ins! Find out what that mistake is! Also, you will learn the most crucial portion of the landing page and "where" you need to take your prospect AFTER they have opted-in and the type of information needed on this page! Neglect this portion and you will have a tough time getting your emails opened!

Module Five - Copywriting/Email Funnel Series is an important component. If you want to write your own funnel series this module will show you good sources (tip - if you join me in 25 1 Up, you will not need to worry about this, as I will provide you the SAME funnel series that has made me successful). 

Module Six - Is your email funnel series important? Yes and no. Your email funnel series is important, however, it is being replaced by a more effective recruiting tool. Video making! Learn what kind of videos you need to make and where to get your content! 

Module Seven - What do the Kardashians, Lebron James, Katy Perry, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and Disney ALL have in common? Find out what they do that will spell success for you in the business opportunity/network marketing niche! Many people tell me this training module has helped them more than any other and credit this information for their success. It is a MUST-READ!

Module Eight - ALL business opportunity/network marketing prospects are alike, right? Wrong! Not realizing there are different risk levels prospects have has cost marketers tons of money! See what your business opportunity MUST-HAVE if you DO NOT want to lose the attention of 2 out of 3 prospects because your business opportunity is lacking this key ingredient (Note: 25 1 Up has ALL the entry points prospects need to see)! 

Module Nine & Ten - Discusses the great opportunity you have with 25 1 Up. This module gives you more detailed information about the compensation plan, re-emphasizes the bonus package, and tells you how and where to sign up. 

 This video course will teach you HOW to become the sponsor prospects are looking for! If you have tried to recruit before and found out nothing is/was working for you, than this course will help REINVENT yourself as a sponsor to prospects!

If you are new to the niche and need to learn how to recruit online, this video course will teach you the exact replica of what the most successful recruiters are doing today!

Get the "7 Days To Recruiting Mastery - $10,000 In 90 Days Challenge" video course FREE when you join my secret Facebook group at:

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7 Days To Recruiting Mastery-$10,000 In 90 Days Challenge Download 

When you combine "7 Days To Recruiting Mastery - $10,000 In 90 Days Challenge" with the "10K Traffic Blueprint" and the great opportunity 25 1 Up provides for generating money, it will be hard for you to NOT be successful!

Once again, this is Carl Diaz and it is great to have you in our 25 1 Up community!


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